Virgin Mobile: A comedy of the absurd in one act

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Setting the scene: H has been a Virgin Mobile customer for eight months. A week ago, Virgin moved to a new billing system. H was horrified when he opened his recent bill to see the total charges were $826. H called customer service, and was told it was a screw up when they moved to the new billing system. Apparently the new system thinks he terminated his agreement and is piling on all kinds of charges and penalties. Virgin assures him that if it does get charged to his credit card, they will reverse it. Very comforting. H Is still waiting for a call back from customer service.
Location: M is working in the kitchen and against her better judgment answers the phone.

VM: May I speak to H?
M: He isn’t here, can I take a message.
VM: This is Virgin Mobile calling.
M: Oh, great. You must be calling about the billing issue. He is waiting for your call. Why don’t you just call his cell phone – you have the number.
VM: No, I can only call the contact number on file.
M: Aren’t you customer service? Why can’t you call his cell phone?
VM: This is just a courtesy call.
M: OK, so what are you selling them?
VM: No, this is a courtesy call.
M: So, why are you calling?
VM: We just changed billing systems and I am calling to make sure the transition went well for you.
M: Well actually, it didn’t, which is why I thought you were calling. H has an $826 bill due to a screw up in your billing system change-over and is waiting for customer service to call him back to resolve it. Is that not noted on his file?
VM: I am not customer service. I am calling to find out if you had any issues with the changeover.
M: As I just said, yes we did have an issue with the changeover. Do you have any resolution to our issue?
VM: I am not customer service, I am making courtesy calls.
M: So let me understand what you are saying. You are calling to find out if the transition went well, but if it didn’t go well you can’t do anything about it.
VM: You would have to call customer service if you have a problem.
M: Hmmm so the purpose of your courtesy call is to find out if everything is okay. If it is okay, you have fulfilled your purpose. If it isn’t okay, you can’t do anything – and you can’t even transfer this call to customer service.
VM: This is a courtesy call. Maybe someone didn’t know they had to reinitialize their voicemail after the transfer. Then I would tell them how to do that.
M: Don’t you think that someone would notice something wasn’t working and call you? I still don’t get the purpose of this call.
VM: This is a courtesy call…

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