Lost: The Hidden Episodes

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Episode 1 – The Glasses

It all started with the new pair of glasses (expensive, of course) that disappeared somewhere on the trip between the house and the library. Rather than replace them with an identical pair, I was clever enough to go to ‘3 for 1 Glasses’ and get three pairs for approximately the same price. The logic being I could safely lose one pair, stash a pair at the cottage to cover the inevitable ‘forgot my glasses’ incident and still have one pair left. The current tally: one pair gone missing somewhere inside the house, about 2 days after acquisition, one pair languishing in disgrace on the bedside table, missing an arm, and one pair still in service.

Next to disappear were the reading sunglasses that accompanied me to the Bahamas in February, but have been missing ever since. The luggage and closets were turned upside down to no avail. Then, a week ago, I noticed a glasses case on the dresser in the bedroom and there they were, clearly resurfacing from the fifth or sixth dimension.

Episode 2 – The Cat Cage

It was an unseasonably sunny and warm Easter weekend – an ideal time to take the cats and head up to the cottage. Stage one of the mission, rounding up Ricky and placing him in his cage, goes without a hitch. As Ricky sits not-so-patiently in his cage, we load the cooler, load the car, and then turn our attention to getting Dennis in his cage. Wait – where is his cage? We check the basement, check the closet in the basement, check the garage, check the basement again. No sign of the purple cage. The cat component of the mission is aborted. Maybe the cage is at the cottage?

A few weeks later, since cottage season is in full swing and cat transportation is unavoidable, we pick up a new cage for Dennis at Canadian Tire and both felines go to the cottage for the May long weekend. Not long after that, I hear an expression of surprise emanating from the basement. The purple cage is sitting on the floor, pretty much in plain view. I guess after learning that cages are replaceable, Dennis gave up and put it back.

Episode 3 – The Blackberry

The boys’ spring ritual every year is to go and sell stuff (or actually, buy more stuff than sold) at the Barrie Auto Flea market. This also involves staying at the cottage, lots of beer, and saunas. The Blackberry went missing some time between Saturday and Sunday, which means it could have been anywhere between Burl’s Creek and Six Mile Lake (or for that matter, in Six Mile Lake). The first thought was to check the neighbour’s cottage, site of a visit the previous night, who had already gone home. This involved listening for the phone through the window while phoning the number, and figuring out how to break in if it was there. Breaking in turned out not to be necessary.

Harold came home, sans phone, but when dialing the number a few hours later, someone answered. The phone had gone on a free trip to Sudbury, courtesy of visitors to the Barrie Flea. So far the phone is staying quiet as to whether it got up to any bingo playing or drinking on its Sudbury Saturday Night but after a $25 trip to Toronto, it is now back in service. We now await the roaming charge from Virgin Mobile.

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